Customer Protection Law


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"I have understood that the product of this transaction is a customized service. It is produced according to the specifications specified by me. It is impossible to change or return the product after the start of production. I agree that there is no "seven-day appreciation period" (No. 19 of the Consumer Protection Act) Article) agreement. "

Consumer Protection Act
Article 18
When a business operator enters into a contract by means of communication transactions or access transactions, the following information should be recorded in writing in clear and easy-to-understand sentences to provide consumers:
1. The name, representative, office or business office of the business operator, telephone or e-mail and other communication materials that consumers can contact quickly and effectively.
2. The content, consideration, payment date and method, delivery date and method of the goods or services.
3. The period and method for consumers to terminate the contract in accordance with Article 19.
4. Goods or services shall exclude the application of the right to rescind Article 19, Paragraph 1 in accordance with Article 19, Paragraph 2.
5. How to accept consumer complaints.
6. Other matters announced by the central competent authority.
For communication transactions via the Internet, the information to be provided in the preceding paragraph shall be in electronic means that can be completely viewed and stored by consumers.

Article 19
Consumers of communication transactions or access transactions may terminate the contract by returning the goods or writing notice within seven days after receiving the goods or services, without giving reasons and paying any fees or consideration.
However, those who have reasonable exceptions to communications transactions are not limited to this.

If the business operator fails to provide information on the termination of the consumer contract in accordance with the provisions of the third paragraph of the first paragraph of the preceding article when the consumer receives the goods or services, the seven-day period of the first paragraph shall be counted from the day after the provision. …
If the consumer has delivered the goods or issued a written letter within the period specified in the first and third paragraphs, the contract shall be deemed to be terminated.

Applicable criteria for reasonable exceptions of the right to terminate communications transactions
Article 2
The "reasonable exceptions" mentioned in the proviso of Article 19, Paragraph 1 of this Law refers to the goods or services of communication transactions in one of the following circumstances, and the business operator informs consumers of it, and the exclusion of Paragraph 1 of Article 19 of this Law Application of the right of rescission:
1. It is prone to corruption, has a short retention period, or is about to expire when the contract is terminated.
2. Customized payment according to the requirements of consumers.
3. Newspapers, periodicals or magazines.
4. Audio-visual products or computer software that have been opened by consumers.
5. Digital content that is not provided through tangible media or online services that are completed as soon as they are provided, shall only be provided with the prior consent of consumers.
6. Personal hygiene products that have been opened.
7. International air passenger transport services.