Why Custo Works

Custo is an unique online platform that empowers you to customise and personalise your furniture to fit your space, lifestyle and budget!

You design it, we build it. It’s that easy!

Your Height
Your Width

Design with YOUR fingertips

The latest materials and accesories from Europe all sustainably sourced from forest that are replanted and certified.

Get the latest in furniture design and select from our trending furniture pieces.

3 simple steps

We believe that furniture must not be just a tasteful object, but also a smart product, able to adapt to different spaces.
This is why Custo offers the ability to customise in just 3 easy steps.


Measure your space and start designing from the comfort of your sofa or bed. Or anywhere, really. Yes, it’s that easy!


Choose from one of our design templates and adjust to your budget and needs.


You design it, we build it. Once you’ve put in your order, all you have to do is to wait for the delivery of your furniture!

Dimensions that are all yours

Custo combines the flexibility of customisation with unique digital templates and the freedom to personalise all the 3 dimensions of your furniture: width, height and depth.

Down To The Centimeter

Use our online tool to simply size the furniture to your budget and needs. Make the most of your space and never settle for furniture that doesn’t fit your home or workplace.

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